There is just too much stuff in the world and it’s hurting our planet. Off course we all want nice toys, clothes and gadgets, but can we be smarter about this? Why not trade the stuff we don’t use anymore? Why not buy something that’s not new, but still very good.
We are on a mission! And we want you on board! Let’s make sure the stuff you don’t use anymore doesn’t get thrown away, but re-used. Place your items on WarehouseJR to trade with other kids and have a look around the spaces of your friends for toys, clothes and other stuff that you might like.



Together we are smarter, quicker and stronger. Through working together and supporting each other we can achieve every goal we want. Everyone has unique talents that can be applied to create something beautiful together.

Let’s join forces for a better world.


We want WarehouseJR to be a platform you can trust. That’s why we build and improve the application together with you! We communicate in a transparent way about our process and you can ask us all the questions you have.

We are a social enterprise that puts value for society at the front of our activities.

Social Impact

Too much toys, apparel, furniture and other kids’ stuff is left unused or thrown away. We want to inspire and motivate you to handle this is a way that doesn’t harm but benefits the planet. Together we can make sure there’s less waste and a more durable design and production of kids’ stuff.

That’s called closing the loop!

Learn by play

We believe that you remember the things you like doing the best. The world needs a circular economy and that’s why we want to teach you more about that. Not through boring theory, but through practice. Who says you can’t do serious stuff with lots of laughter?

We learn through action and play.


WarehouseJR brings you all that you expect from a modern online social marketplace.
What makes it special is that it’s just for kids.
Just for you! 

Become a member and join a local club to start trading

WarehouseJR is a members only club, where kids can trade their stuff with friends from school, the neighbourhood or with family. With your parents you decide who is part of your trading club.

Upload stuff to your own store and check out other Spaces

On WarehouseJR you can create your own shop. We call it a Space. Upload the stuff you want to trade, add all the details about your products and you’re ready to go. Congratulations! You are now a social entrepreneur and so are your friends. Be sure to give the products on the Spaces of your friends some love.

Give new value to the stuff you don't use anymore

Let’s start sharing. Grown out of your jacket? It might fit your friend. That toy your neighbourhood kid doesn’t like anymore is something you’d still love to play with. So upload your stuff on WarehouseJR and browse around. Put your favourites on the wish list or straight to your trading box to start the conversation.

With each trade we contribute to a Circular Economy

Reusing stuff is an important part of the circular economy. The longer we can make our products last by sharing and trading, the better this is for our environment. Let’s learn how to be a conscious consumer and producer. On WarehouseJR, together we can close the loop!

Kids need to learn about the importance of the circular economy ...
that’s important for the environment and humanity.





Rieta Aliredjo is the founder and Chief Playground Officer of WarehouseJR

Her purpose is to contribute to a fair society and a healthy environment. She likes to connect with children, parents, educators and entrepreneurs that want to collaborate in making WarehouseJR the best platform for kids to trade their stuff and learn more about the circular economy.

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