There is just too much stuff in the world and it’s hurting the planet. Can we be smarter about this? Why not exchange the stuff we don’t use anymore?
Transitioning towards a circular economy, requires the involvement of all! And kids and young adults matter in the circular economy. The youth are the future and also influential within their family dynamics in the present.

Governments have ambitious targets set for 2030 in line with the SDG’s, and the Netherlands aims for a 100% circular economy in 2050.

The empowerment of kids and young adults will be a strong determinant of success in achieving these goals.

Warenhuisje gives kids and young adults responsibility, which leads to empowerment.
Step by step, using Warenhuisje they are introduced in a playful, creative and entrepreneurial way to the principles of a circular economy and social responsibility.

sCoolMakers is based on a learn-by-doing approach:


You remember the things you like doing the best. The world needs a circular economy and that’s why we want to tell you more about how to get there. Not through boring theory, but through practice. Who says you can’t do serious stuff with lots of laughter?

We learn through action and play.


Together we are smarter, quicker and stronger. Through creating together and supporting each other we can achieve every goal we want. Everyone has unique talents that can be applied to create something beautiful together.

Let’s join forces for a better world.


On sCoolMakers the starting point is always an existing offline community, for instance your neighbourhood friends, classmates or family members. Trust within our offline and online community is everything! Share with existing friends and make new local friends. Behind the scenes we also value sharing by empowering local ecosystems and making the sCoolMakers’ toolkit available though a social franchise model.

Sharing is caring.


Too much toys, apparel, furniture and other kids’ stuff is left unused or thrown away. We want to inspire and motivate you to handle this in a way that doesn’t harm but benefits the planet. Together we can make sure there’s less waste and a more durable design and production of kids’ stuff.

That’s called closing the loop!

Warenhuisje is the first offline/online kids’ marketplace to exchange used stuff.
A real life experience to helps kids and young adults prepare for a new circular economy.

The journey takes place on our online trading platform and at our offline events. 

The first online platform where kids take ownership over their trades, and learn about the positive ecological impact of second-hand trade.
The Traveling Trading Fairs and Goods Donation Campaigns where kids and families can meet, get introduce to the online platform and help recycle goods and materials.

Kids need to learn about the importance of the circular economy ...
that’s important for the environment and humanity.

Profile Rieta-3


Co-founder and Chief Playground Officer

Rieta’s drive is to work on social ventures and collaborations that benefit people, planet and prosperity for all with her business RINETIC. Inspiring our youth is crucial in the transformation to a greener planet and more inclusive society. She has a background in economics and management consulting. For Warenhuisje she focuses on the business part and the formation of win-win collaborations.

Profile Agustina-1


Co-founder and Bits and Bytes Executive

Agustina is passionate about culture, art and education. The art of creation is part of her DNA and she enjoys the process of designing the best user experiences for real engagement and connection. She has vast experience as a visual and communications consultant and has been the Co-Founder and Director of Aeronave visual for more than 8 years. For Warenhuisje she focuses on the development, build and test of the application and the interaction with the parties involved.

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