Warenhuisje is the first online kids’ marketplace to exchange used stuff.

Kids between 9 and 14 years old participate in a real life circular economy experience taking ownership over their trades, while learning about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling goods for positive ecological impact.

They ‘exchange to make change happen’ for a brighter now.


Warenhuisje brings you all that you expect from a modern online social marketplace.
What makes it special is that it’s just for kids.
Just for you! 

Become a member and join a local club to start trading

Warenhuisje is a members only local club where kids between 9 and 14 years old can exchange their used stuff with other kids. We have a two-steps registration process to keep our community safe. First, fill the Join your local club form.

Upload stuff to your own store and check out other Spaces

On Warenhuisje kids can create their own shop, we call it Space. Upload the stuff you want to trade, add all the details about your products and you’re ready to go. Congratulations! You are now a social entrepreneur and so are your friends. Be sure to give the products on the Spaces of your friends some love following them.

Give new value to the stuff you don't use anymore

Let’s start sharing. Grown out of your jacket? It might fit your friend. That toy your neighbourhood kid doesn’t like anymore is something you’d still love to play with. So upload your stuff on your Warenhuisje’s space and browse around to find your next treasure. Put your favourites on the wish list or directly request an exchange to start the conversation.

With each trade we contribute to a Circular Economy

Reusing stuff is an important part of the circular economy. The longer we can make our products last by sharing and trading, the better this is for our environment. Let’s learn how to be a conscious consumer and producer.
Join our offline events to finish the real exchange. On Warenhuisje, together we can close the loop!

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