Warenhuisje rules

Warenhuisje is all about creating, playing and sharing to make change happen. With that in mind, we put together a quick guide for our community of families to read together.

  1. Joining

Fill the form and follow our two-steps registration process:
• Offline validation: join our offline events or let’s schedule a Skype call. Further information is sent to the parent by email right after filling the form.
• Online parental approval: a one-time unique code sent to the parents by email. The email also includes the kid’s account details (username and temporary password), to log in directly after the account is approved. By approving the kids account, parents agree with our Terms and Conditions


  1. Ownership

At Warenhuisje we want to maintain a transparent environment where kids can take ownership of their experience. For that to happen we encourage them to use their real identity information and to create based on sharing. Read more in our FAQ’s.


  1. Responsability

We build the Warenhuisje community on trust. We don’t monitor the behaviour of the kids, we give them responsibility which leads to empowerment.  We trust kids will be nice to others, treating others how they’d like to be treated.


  1. Safety

We trust kids won’t share their real location with other kids. We offer our travelling Trading Fair to do the real exchange, or suggest neutral places as playgrounds or schools, always checking first with their parents.

We trust parents talk to their kids about being safe online. Talking about how to be private, safe and creative is a great way to share any concerns and make sure they have a fun, positive time.

Read more in our Privacy policy.

  1. Communication with us

If you see something that doesn’t fit our community guidelines, write to us to report@warenhuisje.nl and we will look into it.